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Stefan Zweig was a celebrated European intellectual and writer. Because he was Jewish, in 1934 he was forced by the Nazis to flee his country of birth, Austria, and became stateless.

He wrote about being stateless in his autobiography The World of Yesterday: The fall of Austria brought with it a change in my personal life: my Austrian passport became void and I had to request an emergency white paper from the English authorities, a passport for the stateless... Every foreign visa on this travel paper had, after that, to be specially pleaded for, because all countries were suspicious of the 'sort' of people of whom I had suddenly become one: a man without a country. Since the day when I had to depend upon identity papers or passports that were indeed alien, I ceased to feel as if I quite belonged to myself.

( Adaptado de C. Pouilly, Stateless Achievers, em Refugees Magazine, 147, n. 3, 2007, p. 19. )

a) O que o escritor Stefan Zweig teve que fazer em 1934? Por quê?

b) Que tipo de passaporte Zweig teve que obter depois de 1934? Esse novo passaporte o fez se sentir como?

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