Leia o seguinte texto e responda, em português, ao que se pede.

Yahoo! wants to reinvent the postage stamp to cut spam. Researchers are testing a scheme where users pay a cent to charity for each email they send ¿ so clearing their inbox and conscience simultaneously.

Yahoo! Researchs CentMail resurrects an old idea: that levying a charge on every email sent would instantly make spamming uneconomic. But because the cent paid for an accredited stamp to appear on each email goes to charity, CentMails inventors think it will be more successful than previous approaches to make email cost. They think the cost to users is offset by the good feeling of giving to charity.

http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17577 . Acessado em 14/08/2009. Adaptado.

a) O texto apresenta uma proposta feita pela empresa Yahoo! para diminuir a quantidade de mensagens eletrônicas indesejadas ou spams. Qual é a proposta?

b) Por que os inventores do CentMail acreditam que sua proposta será mais bem sucedida que as anteriores?

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